Sunday, 23 March 2014

Let Us Now Praise Fabulous Suppliers

One of the most pleasant revelations of my return to the small scale world is how easy it is to obtain bits and bobs direct from specialist suppliers. As the son of a ex-model shop owner I certainly miss some aspects of the better old fashioned model shop. Trips to Victors or W&H Models were one of the pleasures of trips to London, though at the other end of the scale you had those shops where you felt  the average punter just got in the way. Rather like the typical cycleshop.

In recent weeks I've had excellent service both at exhibitions and via the internet from:

And also from the sales side of the EM Gauge Society and The Scalefour Society

In every case the information about the products I've interested in has been easy to find, the ordering process has been painless, the goods have either been dispatched very promptly or else I've been kept well informed of progress. And in every case the products have arrived well packaged in pristine condition and have been of excellent quality

Meanwhile I'm still waiting for a response to the email I sent my local cycle shop....

I really do think we live in a golden age of small suppliers.

It is just a pity the standard of my modelling doesn't, yet, do justice to their products.

One for the scrap bin. The good thing about downloadable card models is you don't worry about the mistakes

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