Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Turning the Corner

My to do list and my in box both look awfully full at the moment . Someone has just sneaked a quick trip to Bangalore into my diary the week before my holiday and I suspect I should be panicking about it, as well as looking forward to the prospect of another week when I get to spend more than 24 hours in a plane.

On the other hand I finished off the bulk of my Australian work on a call in the early hours of this morning and it does feel as if an immense weight has been lifted off my shoulders. So much so that I can actually contemplate doing some modelling for the first time in months.

In the meantime I dug out some old photos of my OO9 layout. It is odd but having worked in OO9 for years I currently don't feel any desire to model in it again.


  1. Hi James.

    It is interesting to see some of your older work. I was wondering is working in 009 enabled you to be more relaxed about compromises in fidelity such as flanges size and over scale connecting rods etc. I ask because I am in the process of splitting my modelling between N (for a modest roundy because I like to see trains run and to have more 'fun' free from the I should) and a 4 mm terminus to fiddle yard for greater fidelity (though don't expect miracles).

    Do you have a view?

    1. Things change over time don't they? When I built this layout, in I guess '94, I though it was pretty good for OO9 having grown up with Egger Bahn and rabbit warrens. I think one of the reason I would struggle to go back to OO9 is because I've become less relaxed about some of those compromises. Having said which there are some exceptional OO9 models out, for instance the Brain Madge kits http://www.madge00n3.co.uk/Shop/Shop.htm Even with Project X, the possible tram layout, I'm finding myself thinking about what is wrong with moist of the 4mm team layouts I see that stop them being believable. If there is a type of lo fi model railway that I do still yearn for though it is probaby Gauge 1 clockwork tinplate.

    2. And I so wish blogger had an edit key for comments!

  2. That looked like it was a superb little layout, the locos are really nice. Are you able to tell us more about it?

  3. I agree with Michael. Thanks for putting up these delightful photographs!