Thursday, 2 October 2014

Ready to Print

So I'm sure I've said this before but the Templot track plan for my The Art of Compromise based layout is just about ready to go.

I have to say it looks much less elegant as a plan on the page than it does when printed out full size and laid on the baseboards

There are a few things I'm less than happy about, especially when it come to sleeper spacing and the catch points , but I'm sure I can sort some of those out during the build. Somewhere I've lost a subtle curve in the foreground loop as well.

Other aspects have worked better than I expected though, especially the division of points avoiding baseboard joins and structural members.

This first iteration is going to conform very much to Roy's original conception of the design, with strong echoes of the Fairford Branch.You might want to keep an eye on the Lcut website because we've been collaborating on a few ideas. However I'm building it with one eye on eventual conversion to a pastiche of the TVR which, given the small size of the buildings, should add considerably to the deceptive spaciousness of this bijou model. I might add an extra board as well to model the engine shed and quarry spur from Llangynog.

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