Monday, 15 December 2014

Santa Comes Early

In the form of the team of the guys at Lcut Creative he actually came very early, with the delivery of the parts for the station on TAoC.  This is high on my list of priorities for the holiday season once I've created some space for modelling again.

More recently though events in the trade put two of my loco projects in the lurch. In particular The running down of Mainly trains meant the chassis parts for the GEM Tanat Valley 2-4-0 and the detailing set for the 14 XX were unavailable,

As always I tried to look on the bright side, especially since I'd just bought the GEM body kit for the 2-4-0 and dug out my old copy of Iain Rice's tome on white-metal loco construction. If nothing else it meant I would have to concentrate on other aspects of the layout, and at least the arrival of an Ultrascale order meant I could quickly re-wheel one of the 14XXs.

Then things suddenly began to fall back into place.

First came the news that Hattons have commissioned a 14XX.  So one of those is on order since they've included an 89A example in the first production run. Oddly the security of knowing a better RTR model is going to be available actually makes it psychologically easier to start work on one of my Airfix examples, because it matters less if I mess it up.

Then Mainly trains seem to have reviewed their stock, since the chassis for the GEM kit reappeared on their lists. It arrived in the post in record time and I wasted no time placing orders from various sources for the remaining items I need for the chassis.

In reality the loco is anachronistic for my layouts, but in plain black it can be matched up with  an E40 brake third to represent the last GWR passenger services on the Tanat Valley.

I'm also very pleased to hear that Comet Models is to continue under the ownership of Wizard Models


  1. Welcome back from Cuba James, it seems that you had a good time.

    I'm pleased that you have managed to source the bits and pieces that you need for your planned locomotives as I expect you will have a long wait for your Hattons / DJM 14XX,

    To be honest I can't see you messing up your old Airfix models and expect you will find it easy once you take the plunge

    1. Geoff, you would be surprised what I can mess up, and how.

    2. The more you mess up the more you learn James :-)

      Modelling can be so cruel but over the years I've come to realise that most if not all mistakes can be overcome and rectified. Take your time, take care and avoid setting yourself any deadlines and last of all enjoy the journey.

  2. I do endorse what Geoff says, although I can't really speak with any credibility since I have five locomotives around the workshop, all personal projects and all awaiting quite a bit of attention! However I have spent most of yesterday learning how to cut mitres properly with a new tool...I made the same wall again and again, wasting a great deal of foamboard and getting somewhat annoyed with myself. But at last, I achieved an acceptable wall, and perfection was only another four failures away! So as Geoff says, the more you mess up, the more you learn. I'm looking forward to picking up some tips from your blog as you work on the 14XX.