Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Big Boys Toys

Xmas is fast approaching, at least if I believe the TV adverts, though with another trip to India planned before then I've still not put away all my Summer clothes.

However Xmas always make me think of toys. Frankly it is quite annoying that we are in the awkward gap between children and grand children so I've no excuse to buy toys for them that I really want to play with myself.

So that means justifying buying toys for myself.

Now my last post was definitely a toy, the GVT tram loco. And to be honest I regret it. Yes it is a lovely model, but I haven't even bothered to steam it yet.

Meanwhile though this is taking shape...

The combination of a Colin Edmondson design with Chris Dixon's production expertise.

Not a toy, obviously, because it is going to earn its keep hauling logs, bird food and garbage around the garden.


  1. Oh, nice. That's what I call a loco. 7 1/4?

  2. Phil,

    Yes it is. Called a Scamp. It is the 13th one under construction since production started this year, which I think is phenomenal.

    Have a look at the Minimal Gauge Railways group on FB or I can send you some details.

    Designed by Colin Edmondson it was inspired by Dave Malton's Goliath on the BHLR

    This version is designed for welded construction, which is why I outsourced it, but the newer version is designed to bolt together. It can take either the Loncin engine as here, or an old Suffolk Punch engine. It is also available with a choice of bonnets including the Lister and an O&K style one. Colin provides all the laser cut steel work and the builder sources the other components, mostly off ebay.

    It recently surprised everyone by successfully negotiating 5' radius curves. It also disassembles allowing it to be easily transported in a hatchback .

    Tempted? The best bit of all is the price. Build it yourself and it should be about the same cost as a decent 16mm steamer.

    Colin also does a tipper truck to go with it, and you might also have seen him, and his handywork, on the Shed of the Year contest