Saturday, 5 March 2016

Cadeby: The Track Plan

Somewhere in the back of one of the sheds I hope there is still some ancient  Eggerbahn track from the OO9 layout I built with my brother and father in the seventies. If not I'm going to have a major think. I've considered Shinohara HOn2.5 but I believe that isn't compatible with some chassis. I have built OO9 track in the past but I want to avoid that if I possibly can given that I'm working on a corner of my desk and without access to most of my toolbox. Incidentally a kit for a 7 1/4" gauge point arrived this week, but that is a different story altogether.

In any case I'm still far from certain of how to make best use of the space, or even which axis to choose as the front. Here are a couple of options but I've been doodling others.

What makes this difficult, I've decided, is that what made Cadeby successful despite the small size of the site was that it presented you with a number of set viewpoints, from most of which the rest of the line wasn't visible. There was the view from the churchyard, framed by tombstones, the view looking the other way  from the other end of the shed, the view of the sidings, the track disappearing into the woods, and so on.

In theory these should lend themselves to a micro layout, but combining more than a couple of them is quite hard, and because they are well known scenes they need to be relatively recognisable. I'm obviously not going to be able to incorporate all of them.

So much pondering still to be done.

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