Wednesday, 27 July 2016

1:1 Modelling

Those of you who have visited, or have relatively good memories will know that a "feature" we inherited when we moved here was a rather ugly shed. 

The original plan was to run the line behind it, alongside the dyke and the trees to create a semi-tunnel. A miscommunication with our fencing contractor put paid to that idea. Instead we've gone down the route of some 1:1 scale modelling of a Col Stephens style building.

The corrugated roofing is 3mm corrugated bitumen sheet which is highly recommended and I have a few other projects in mind that will make use of it, including winter quarters for Teddy.  

At some point the shed will be replaced with a garden office/ railway room, but since at the moment it is being used solely for storage we decided against installing windows. Instead we have used garden mirrors.

There are a few more jobs to do, like adding some enamel signs and a dummy ticket office window, but overall I'm quite pleased with the result..

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