Saturday, 10 June 2017

North Ings

It is claimed that North Ings Farm Railway is one of the least visited tourist attractions in the UK.

To be honest my first impressions seemed to confirm why. It wasn't easy to find and my first few minutes there made me wonder if an open day was more of a social event for the supporters rather than for the benefit of visitors.

During the course of a relatively short visit though I found it quite a friendly places, and Issy was well looked after in the cafĂ© whilst an enthusiast  friend and I roamed around at will.

It is perhaps the closest thing I've come across to replicating the Cadeby experience.

The original stock, now preserved, first came to my attention because of the rubber scaled IP Engineering 16mm kits. This has now been supplanted by the ex Abbey Light Railway stock.

A visit is highly recommended, it is just a pity it didn't coincide with a Lincolnshire Light Railway operating day.

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