Wednesday, 13 February 2013


So that is the basic construction fo the Mk 1 version of the bridge complete.

I need to fox the parapets properly, finish painting the bridge section, trim some of the brick paper, shift it slightly to the left to restore the proper clearance, and then dirty it down.

After that I can throw it away and do it properly.

The Mk 2 version is already on the drawing board, and benefits from the lessons I've learnt building this one.

I need to find a better ashlar texture for the stone portion. The brick is fine but next time I'll print it a little darker.

Although this is a relatively simple structure it has taken me far too long to work out the details and it has become a bit of an albatross. Hopefully with this version in place I can crack on with the other structures before coming back to build Mk2

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