Sunday, 9 June 2013

Weighing up the weighbridge hut

Another crisis of confidence last night after spraying the weighbridge and the gents with Halford's grey primer to reveal all the faults - because that is just what it did.

My main worry is joining the corners of the Wills corrugated sections in a way that looks at best believable and at worst inconspicuous. Vast amounts of  Squadron Green putty have been used in an attempt to achieve the latter, then carved when dry with a round file to put back in the corrugations. There has to be an easier way. The secret lies in getting a good 45 straight degree chamfer on the edge of the sheets. Using a big file seems rather hit and miss. I have a chamfer cutter designed for foamboard, but that isn't going to work. A plane worked, but if I want to keep my finger tips I need to build some sort of jig, and it will have to be robust,

Anyway the weighbridge is now looking OKish, though this picture has managed to distort both the proportions of the model and the illustration in the wild Swan book.

Llansilin road weighbridge hut - model and prototype.
If nothing else I'm quite proud of the doorknob.

As to the gents, well it is just about passable from a distance. I forgot to clean off the rusty wash before it dried so it will be back out with the black paint next week.

The worst bits of the Class 25 are hidden by the weighbridge.
Note the platform edge and fence clearly aren't yet fixed down
I couldn't face up to finishing off the goods shed today, that needs a day when the house is empty and there is no one to hear my cussing. I made a start on cutting out the station building. I've gone for Blodwell but reversed, so the ladies will be off scene.


  1. It's not cheap, but the True Sander sold by NG Trains is probably the solution to the 45 degree problem.

  2. I've thought about that, but wondered if it would be be man enough for the job with the amount of material that needs to be removed. I probably need to see one in the flesh. The alternative I thought it about is something like a plane, but holding the piece to be bevelled where the blade would be normally be so it can be cut or filed.

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