Friday, 16 August 2013

I am thinking

I've spent a lot of my life working in Germany, but have never managed to pick up the language, so I have some sympathy with this guy:

Meanwhile I've been doing some thinking of my own about baseboards and whether to go for the small or large version of Llanrhaiadr. After all I need the practice of building as many points as possible to gain confidence, and the large scheme only involves two more of them.
The other thought is about presentation. I would rather look at a model that is 100% scenic than one that it 50% sector table,

But then is there too much scenery in the large version, particularly at the right front? Or rather too much scenic space and nothing interesting to occupy it? Perhaps I could put some cottages there.

Then again perhaps the solution is a hybrid of the two with a  really short sector table that perhaps just replaces one of the points.

I think, once the rain stops, it is time to build the baseboards, print out some track templates, and play trains.

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