Saturday, 28 December 2013

Playing Around in Templot

Now how did that happen?

Printed out and with the TVR goods shed  placed on the plan it still seems to work, though the narrow clearance in the loop doesn't look right.

Which leads on to this iteration. The turnouts are B6 except fir the one to the goods shed that is an A5 but still gives a minimum radius of  42" that I hope will just about be acceptable for shunting with a 14XX.

To make it believable will mean some scenic tricks and obviously the small TVR buildings are going to help. Having just measured up the  load space in the new car* I guess  I can go up to 18" baseboard width if I can keep the weight down.

My mind tells me the best approach is to flip it over so the goods yard is at the front and to place the platform on the loop, but my heart wants to keep it this way and keep to the "bitsa" station idea I used on Apa, bearing in mind in theory there shouldn't be any passenger services except the odd brakevan special.

*That is if she doesn't crash it again - a week old and it is already in the body shop.

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