Friday, 6 December 2013

Two Plans

Llansilin Road

So these are the latest versions of the two plans.

First the modified version of Llanrhaiadr Mochnant based on the valuable  input from Richard Ough.

Perhaps the most obvious visual change is the move of the catch point at the up end of the loop. I've also dropped any hint of the second platform.

Then the modified version of TaOC, which isn't any more, because thanks to a suggestion from Kane the plan has shifted to being based rather more on Easingwold East but still with the station at the entrance to the scenic section and the goods shed at the down end.

Of course now the penny has dropped that since building this new compact design, provisionally called Llansilin is going to take the next eighteen months to two years then by the time I get to build Llanrhaiadr I might have enough space available to build it to fit a larger space so I can revert to a more spacious and authentic version. After all the kids are bound to leave home some time, aren't they?

1 comment:

  1. I like both plans James and think it's wise to build something compact and and manageable with a view to incorporating it into a larger scheme in the future.
    Such an approach maintains interest and presents an opportunity to try out new ideas and techniques.

    All being well the kids will leave the nest at some point but you may end up having a houseful of grandchildren and end up on child minding duties from time to time :-)