Thursday, 16 January 2014

In an octopus's garden

I hate to admit that I sometimes read the Daily Mail, but sometimes I need a good laugh.

Anyway I came across this article in it today about landscape dioramas built underwater in aquarium tanks.

Tank Warfare

I don't think we are in any place to judge other people's hobbies, but what I found interesting is the techniques they've used to create a sense of depth and how rarely, if ever, I've seen the same techniques on a model railway.

Take the third photo down where the light is shining through the trees at horizon level, or the one at the bottom.

Perhaps there is a future for plain back-scenes after all.

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  1. The photographs are amazing, with the added attractiveness of being a mobile, living environment, not a dead simulacrum as our model railways are. Unless you count the army of spiders that roam my models and of course, the cat!