Saturday, 8 February 2014

Point Rodding

I've been rather quiet of late, partly shocked into silence by the size of an unexpected tax bill, and partly the result of a lot of pontificating in my professional life, where I get paid for it.

I had been planning to bring you up to date with my tie bar experiments, which are beginning to bear fruit, but I want to wait until I have some better photographs, which will mean digging the DSLR out of semi-retirement which isn't going to happen now until I get back from my next trip to the States.

What I very quickly want to draw your attention to is the current edition of Great Western Journal  No 89 which has a detailed article by Mike Christensen on Point Rodding Operation on the GWR.

This is the sort of article I would have just briefly scanned over a few years ago when I thought point rodding was an optional extra for those with more time than sense.Now that the Wills product is available there seems little reason not to use it, and if youa re going to use it you might as well try and avoid glaring errors  It clearly explains how point rodding would be installed and why, with lots of photos. Highly recommended reading.

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