Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Upwold Line

Baseboard construction  for The Art of Compromise based layout is proceeding slowly and steadily. Various distractions are causing silly delays.I'm not too bothered to be honest. I know I'm making progress, and various other little projects are coming together at the same time.

In the meantime I've been doing more thinking around TAoC. I'm increasingly convinced that the Fairford branch influenced Roy Link's thinking. So that is what I'm planning on using for my inspiration for this incarnation, before reverting to the TVR for the next layout.

The branch is well documented on line, and last year saw the publication of a new photo album by Stanley Jenkins. He, you will remember, was also responsible for the article on South Leigh station in the same copy of the Modeller as TAoC.

The one feature of the prototype I think I'm going to adopt that was missing from Roy Link's plan is locating the signal box on the platform. On the other hand I'm still planning to follow his suggestion of using the station shelter from Wilmcote, and the buildings are going to be brick rather than timber or Cotswold stone.

I think I'm also going to use his suggestion for the station's name  - Upwold

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