Monday, 21 April 2014


I have a soft spot for trams, despite suffering the privation, when very young, of getting my short trousered legs sand blasted whilst waiting at Leyburn Avenue tram stop in mid-winter when waiting for the tram to school, and then being sandpapered by the moquette seating.

My father was an early member of Crich, and also, as "Finister's International of Coventry" did his bit to help promote small scale tram modelling. My grandfather was a tram conductor, and my great grandfather first moved the family to Birmingham to work on the steam trams. A great uncle met an untimely death when the brakes on the tram he was driving failed.

One of the ideas I've considered for the spare APA box is something based around the Kinver Light Railway, either a "proper" model in 4mm or a pastiche using the Smallbrook Studios Brill car, one of which is waiting to be assembled in the projects box.

I've already mentioned Crich and on a fairly miserable Easter Sunday this year Issy and I popped up to go to their April 1940 event. Like many of these wartime period events a lot of the costumes seemed somewhat anachronistic and untypical . The Home Guard parading in urban Britain in April 1940 is believable, lots of over-aged for combat duty GI's and their anachronistic Jeeps aren't. Before I get too picky though I can be accused of the same sort of faux authenticity with the photos I took.Incidentally the majority of these were taken with my phone.

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