Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Rails Round The Rectory

I mentioned this book in my last post. My second hand example is from 1973 and was originally 30p. I paid rather more than that, but it is an interesting read and well worth reading even if you already have Font to Footplate.

It has provided me with a little more information that will be useful for the model, such as the trackbed being 12ft wide and the approximate radius of the curves.

In a brief moment of madness I briefly contemplated using the Busch HOf stock with 6.5mm gauge track, with the Decauville, Deutz and "self propelled" skip for motive power.  Perhaps it isn't that stupid an idea, but it  would mean having to build an even smaller baseboard to conform to the rules of the Dave Brewer Challenge . So for now I'm sticking with OO9.

For the first time that I can ever remember this year HMRC gave me a small tax rebate, which I'm going to split equally between the Eaugate Light Railway and this model. So I've put an order in for most of what I will need to buy, apart from the Narrowplanet locos. However I've got a stop gap solution in mind until their Bagnall is available again.

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