Friday, 10 December 2021


 I can't remember what it is like to have time on my hands. Real, usable, time when you can get things done.

I've just taken two days off and it is amazing what I have, and haven't, been able to do.

The OO6.5 micro is making real progress. I'm rethinking a few things as I go along, and rediscovering old friends in my storage boxes like my static grass applicator. I'm hoping three good sprints and it will be usable for running my Xmas present on the big day.

James Hilton recently blogged around the concept of completeness. I was thinking about that in terms of my earlier "quickie" ultra micro OO 6.5 project. Although in six months I've never got beyond mocking ideas up it has been incredibly useful in clarifying my ideas for this layout. In a sense it has done its job.  Since I've already mentioned sprints I might as well go completely "Agile" and say it was prototype, and this layout is a Minimal Viable Product. So the next iteration will be an MEP or Minimal Economic Product. But what? I'm loving OO6.5 but the limited availability of the HOf system constrains my options. The W&U idea still depends on facing up to wiring that three-way point. The alternative has to be 7mm scale...

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