Monday, 11 July 2022

Ferry Meadows Railway

We live about twenty, very long, miles from Peterborough. It isn't a city we visit for pleasure, though I do like the Cathedral. 

On the outskirts though is Ferry Meadows Park. This is delightful in itself.

There are lakes, cafes, play areas,  watersports, long walks, and a small farm shop.

It can also be reached by using the Nene Valley Railway, which has stations at Orton Mere and Overton.
Although we try and use the NVR every year it does seem to have got expensive for what you get these days. Overton is a gem though and a great destination for walks in the park.

In the park itself is Ferry Meadows Railway, and on a glorious Saturday that was our destination, accompanied by grandson and poodle.

Like the much-missed Wells Harbour line this is very much a working line providing point-to-point travel between the visitor centre and car park to the lakeside and major play area.

As a result, it takes the carriage of pushchairs seriously

It is also a delightful trip. Having recently changed hands there is no prospect of steam running again, but I doubt many travelling care. Freddie was certainly content to consider the Alan Keef loco a Choo-choo train.

Gigi enjoyed it as well. It is her second miniature railway trip in a couple of weeks because last weekend we took her on the Wells and Walshingham. But that is for another post...

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