Monday, 29 October 2012


So after yesterday's problems what to do today?

Well I'm going to live with the bodged coach chassis for awhile, though I think I've worked out how I'm going to fix it later but I think the next coach will have to use the Mainly Trains undeframe. Since it will be a  Shirescenes Diag. T36 involving replacing the Ratio sides with etched ones I might as well go the whole hog. Incidentally  two of the Ratio kits, the Composite Diag U4 and the all third S9 did actually run on the Tanat valley.

Since I know this first one is compromised by my construction mistake I thought I would take the opportunity to experiment a little.  I was going to avoid coaching stock until I saw Chris Nevard's anachronistic version of the Ratio kit. So I've painted one side of mine in BR Maroon and the other in all over Western Region brown to see which I think looks most believable. I think the brown will win, since I know that in rela life some of the 4 wheelers were running in all over brown at the end of their life and there is at least one picture of the TVR from 1947 which appears to show  an S9 in that livery.

Since it is just an experiment I might even have a go at giving it cream paneling, just to see if I can do it. I know that must sound like a trivial task to some of you, but I've always struggled with it using enamels. I'm hoping the lifecolor acrylics will make it easier. Incidentaly the Lifecolor BR maroon is an odd colour to work with. It takes quite a few coats for the colour to build up and until it does you can't help wondering how it could be right.

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