Thursday, 4 March 2021

Displacement Activity

I've mentioned before that the virus hasn't had much impact on work, apart from the lack of travel and missing physical conferences. In the background, I've been busy recording podcasts on various esoteric subjects, such as the use of robots in the service industry

I'm supposed to be writing a session for a virtual conference being held in Denmark next week. In theory it should take me an hour or so to do the slides, since it is my specialist subject and I try to avoid subjecting the audience to death by Powerpoint.

But, like many of the colleagues in the industry, it seems that the dreaded writer's block has struck me down. In my case part of the issue is that since we've had the garden office built I'm keeping more regular hours, which makes my wife happy, but 8.30am to 6pm isn't my most creative time.

So today I decided to start "tidying" the studio side of the office. In reality, that means moving things around in a vain attempt to make room to start work on Grundy's Yard.  The one good thing to come out of it is that the OO9 micro has been retrieved from the back of a cupboard and is now back on display. The downside is I'm going to have to do some work to get it presentable and operational again.

The new location means it is at eye-level and viewed from a different angle, rather like the way you saw Cadeby from the main road. In fact, I think the view works so well I might incorporate an element of it into my trial OO6.5 layout.


  1. Nice view. Reminds me of Brian Clarke's (of Saltford Models fame) back garden, minus the traction engine.

  2. Sadly Brian blocked me over some conspiracy theory of his, but he was very supportive when I was young. Cadeby was a key part of my youth, Teddy christened me and he bred the first dog I knew.

    1. I was quite friendly with Brian for a while, but lost touch years ago. He was very supportive and highly knowledgeable, and his work inspires my own to this day. I often wonder what he's up to now.

    2. When I last heard from him he was spending most of his time in the old quarry caves around Bath

    3. I've been shown around some of the Bath stone mines by him many years ago. Very interesting, and a lot of fun.