Tuesday, 21 May 2013


I had an interesting trip to the opticians last week that highlighted two issues with my eyes that I've slowly becoming aware of. Nothing earth shattering and both correctable but it explains why I've been struggling recently.

I'll add it to my list of excuses for limited progress.

Having said that plans for the signal box have progressed quickly and if I can get a few hours to myself in the next few days I'm ready to have a stab at it. Two things have raised my confidence.

One is that I'm now convinced that the original design was by Dutton, and that the box that was at Barmouth South and is now on the Llangollen Railway is of a very similar design. That means I've got a much better feel for the way it was constructed, and confirms that I was right to be suspect about the drawings in the Wild Swan book.

Secondly I threw together a Wills weighbridge kit so that I could experiment with the use of artists pencils to quickly produce reasonably effective brickwork.

I think it worked OK, so I'm now happy to proceed with the base of the signalbox.

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