Friday, 3 May 2013


I've always been open that this initial version of the layout is meant to be a testbed, and so I've also always been open to the idea of changing my mind about the approach to take as construction proceeds.

Whilst I've been getting progressively happier about the various brick, stone and corrugated  paper textures I've been tracking down I've also been realizing that the need to combine these with some 3d elements, and their position relatively close to the front of what is anyway a very shallow layout means I'm going to be better off reverting to my old technique of using Wills plastic building sheets, with the transparent corrugated sheet used where the prototype buildings require both sides to be visible,

I'm going to use a slightly different approach for the signal box. I'm going to combine parts of the Ratio kit with the textured and pre-coloured brick sheets made by Redutex and available in the UK from Model Textures. The range available betrays the European origins but the brickwork is very good indeed.

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