Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Getting Carried Away

"So" said the step-daughter  "is that it or are you going to do something else?"

Given my rate of progress it is jumping the gun to be thinking about the next project, but I have been giving it some consideration.

The easy route to take is simply to build a new EM gauge version of this model, embracing all the lessons learnt to date, reusing anything I think is of sufficient quality, and pushing the envelope slightly out of my comfort zone. It would allow a before and after comparison to be made, after which the before would be consigned to the bin. But what if I were to consider a layout, rather than a diorama/shunting plank?

New Radnor is one obvious choice, not least because the line is relatively local to my old home in Herefordshire.  Then there is Blodwell Junction itself,rather than my truncated version, or the terminus of the Tanat Valley at Llangynog.

Like many of my generation of railway modelers there is also the attraction of Roy Link's "Art of  Compromise" design.

Where I think I'm actually heading is towards Llanrhaiadr Mochnant, which became the terminus of the line after the closure of Llangynog. I think a design based on this period would have potential.

Plan created in AnyRail 4
Actually the trackplan itself is very close to that of Llangynog when it was first opened, which is useful because Lloyd's book includes the original signal diagram.

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