Monday, 26 January 2015

Tidying Up

Weekends since Xmas seem to have been dedicated to clearing out the loft and the library.  For some reason we now have an empty loft, a  library full of junk, and a spare room full of the TAoC - but I think Issy has discovered that is where it is hiding so I'm going to have to find space for it in the office again.

As a quick reminder my office also functions as my digital darkroom and my workshop, so space is at a premium, especially now my work desk has two Apa boxes perched on it. Actually it also acts as the over spill library as well and as the dogs' daytime den.

I've been meaning to have a tidy up in here for ages, but one of the issues I've had is finding homes for stuff whilst still keeping it accessible for quick modelling sessions when I've got a spare hour or so.

Recently I came across the Hobbyzone modular workshop and thought it might be worth a try.

So here it is in action. The brushes and tools unit is really useful. The draw units have draws that are a decent size and clear plastic windows so you can see the contents. I find relatively large draws useful when trying to extract sharp objects from them, or just sorting though the content of Misc & Sundries.

I'm glad I opened and built the corner shelf unit, on the bottom left hand side, last, because it doesn't give the feel of confidence in the construction that the others do. On the other hand it has proved to have two really good features. First of all it is a great place to sweep up WIP at the end of a session, but also, as you can see, the cut-out in the shelf is just the right shape to accommodate the dishes from our local takeaway.

Incidentally that is an Lcut bridge under construction in the photo.

To be honest the units were a little smaller than I was expecting, and they aren't cheap. I'm sure most of you could knock something similar up for yourselves.

They arrived quickly, each well packaged, and with instructions that are best described as adequate in places. The cylindrical object is the stack of magnets used to connect the units together, an idea that seems to work well.

Will I be buying more of them? Probably. I could see myself getting a couple to sit on my main desk for those five minute jobs.


  1. Those drawers look very useful. I have a tower of little drawers on my bench, but they are really not deep enough for some things...I looked on the manufacturer's site from your link, but it doesn't mention size...if you don't mind, could I ask how deep are the drawers, please? I like the look of the brush and tool rack.

  2. Iain,

    Interior dimensions are W 8cm L 13 H 5.5. Or just about big enough to get your hand in to grab hold of things.If I was building the tool rack again I would have added a piece of old cutting mat on the inside of the base. There are also hours of endless fun to be had trying to hammer into place strong magnets with a metal hammer.