Sunday, 23 October 2016

Back at my Desk

It is hard to realise a month has gone by since our Indian trip. I've still only managed to edit the first two days of photos. Here though are some more of my Kalka Shimla shots. For those interested the link to the holiday firm is here and it is worth noting that for next year they are planning to use the charter stock rather than a standard service train. Five hours was a long time on vinyl seats.

The ZDM 3 locos are quite charismatic

First view after the long train journey from Delhi

The train doesn't stop at most of the stations....

There is barely a straight or level section of line, and the loco horn is in constant use, not least because of the volume of people walking along the track 

It could almost be north Wale, apart from the monkeys.
There isn't a lot of space inside the carriages. The steps aren't a bad place to sit.

I wasn't sure if this was a service train or not

Have I mentioned I like the locos?

This is the spur at Barog

Rather an attractive little inspection trolley

You could, but probably wise not to

Some incredible stats

Not all the locos are fitted with the protective screens

The turntable at Shimla, still used by the railcars

No shot of Shimla is complete without a monkey

Meanwhile I've been making quiet progress on the ELR, the next point kit is due for delivery soon though construction will be delayed by a business trip to the States. One it is down though it will make a big difference and provide the spur that will allow eventual  access to the second wood shed and simplify delivery of coal to the bunker.

I can't say I've been making any progress on the Cadeby diorama. In an attempt to put a quart in a  pint pot I've decided to wait until the Minitrains track is available and try to fit in an extra point. The downloadable track template convinced me this is just viable.