Monday, 1 June 2020

Going up through the Scales

The Scalescenes boxfile layout is on hold whilst I wait for orders of card and the Scaleglaze windows to arrive. in the meantime I've been experimenting with water effects. Draw your own conclusions from the absence of photos of brilliantly modelled water.

I've had more success with revising an old idea, which was a 16mm diorama in a seed tray.

 It has used most of my stock of rigid foam, but then I've forgotten why I'd bought that in the first place.

Issy wanted me to dispose of some exhausted pot soil, and this seemed the ideal method. The original idea goes back to a plan I had to build a very small working industrial scene. Instead it has become an isolated halt on an abandoned line. Perhaps nature is just taking over, or a preservation society is just bringing it back to life ahead of time.

It is a bit of an experiment ahead of building the 7/8ths line, for which I'm thinking of using a tray style construction to facilitate planting and scenic features. I think the next couple of weeks are going to be dedicated to the garden scales. I'm really keen to run Peter Jones but I'm wary of doing so until a) Issy is away again and b) I have some rolling stock to keep him in check.

There is even a rumour that I might be in the mood to build the next 20m of 7 1/4" track panels as well.

In another world I was supposed to be in New Zealand this week...