Saturday, 30 October 2021

An Ending and a New Start

 This week has been a  sad one at Elder Cottage. 

Our five beautiful goats have gone to better place. No, no that one, this one.

It has become clear this Summer both that our age meant we were struggling with their care, and that they have become very destructive. This culminated in a single week when they:

Demolished their housing
Killed a mature tree by stripping the bark off of it
Tore planks out of the "station" shed
Escaped down the lane.

The back garden seems very sad and quiet without them.

It also looks like a battlefield.

It does allow me to reconstruct the ELR. And I already feel like I have more time on my hands for my own hobbies, but it is going to be a long slog just to get the railway back to how it was.