Sunday, 24 May 2015

Modelling Narrow Gauge Railways in Small Scales

I got home from a rather wet day gricing Listers and their like at Lamport Hall  to discover my Amazon pre-order of Chris Ford's new book had arrived.

That's quite impressive considering Amazon aren't even showing it as being released yet.

So far I've only had a chance to skim through it but first impressions are of an excellent guide that takes you through pretty much everything you need to know to build your first OO9 layout, or, for that matter, your first layout in most scales, I particularly liked how balanced the content seemed with no undue emphasis on any one aspect. and also how it dives straight in to projects that presume the reader is going to build things for themselves.

I could see a definite opening for a similar approach to a book on finescale standard gauge modelling.

Well worth a more detailed read..

Thursday, 14 May 2015

A Lucky Find

With the house move on the horizon I decided it was time to visit some of the local museums that I've not got around to going to nearly ten years.

The first, and most relevant here, is the Electric Railway Museum.

I never have worked out why it is located next to Coventry Airport rather than somewhere with strong historic links to electric railway. It also only opens sporadically, but fortunately last Saturday was one of their access days.

If this sounds familiar it is because Phil Parker, another local, also only fairly recently managed to make the same visit.

So there isn't much I can add to his observations. Except that in the on board shop I found an October 1959 Railway Modeller.

And in the back of it was this advert for my father's old shop.

Not only that but it also had a fascinating article by P.D. Hancock on building the trams for Craig, and by Doris Stokes on shop window displays.

More photos here and since it was only next door I also popped into the Midlands Air Museum.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


For those of you who have been wondering about the prototype loco I mentioned  for the proposed 7 1/4" gauge line

Designed and built by Colin Edmondson to use an old Suffolk Punch engine, or the more modern Loncin.

To find out more have a look at the Minimal Gauge Railways group on Facebook

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Go East Not So Young Man

So a  quick update on the house move situation. Things continue to move rather fast. Within twenty four hours of my last post we found a house we both fell in love with, our offer has been accepted, the mortgage is in place....and every finger and toe is currently crossed that nothing goes wrong.

Actually I'm sort of hoping one small thing goes wrong just so we can get it out of the way.

I'm not going to tempt fate by posting too many details yet, but the photo above gives a very strong clue about the approximate location, especially to a few of you who I know are reasonably local to the area. A pity this site wasn't for sale itself really.

What it currently lacks is an office and a proper workshop, but it has plenty of space for both that is currently occupied by kennels. Mind you with the poodles managing to be rather annoying this morning the idea of keeping the kennels has its own appeal.

As for the garden....

Well I think it makes a 7 1/4" gauge line pretty much compulsory. There is ample scope to start with something simple and then add in a more circuitous route at a later date. And in a remarkable coincidence the ideal loco for it has just been successfully tested before entering production.