Thursday, 9 May 2019

Learning Curve

Model Earth Design Wagons

My adventure into 7/8ths scale over the last few weeks has been surprisingly exciting.

It isn't like I'm new to garden railways, having built my first line in 1980, and first having played around with 7/8ths in 2000.

My old Outline Simplex, which went "missing" in a house move
But this time around I'm finding it not only exciting, but fun and ..well I was going to say challenging, but encouraging might be a better word, because, to be honest, it is is too easy to be challenging.

The new production techniques being exploited by small manufacturers are incredible compared to say, the original 16mm Association GVT coach "kit" or the Archangel ones that didn't even have the planks marked on them.

But here is the odd thing, because the kits are essentially simple it means I'm spending more time thinking about how to finish them. So some very simple Model Earth Design resin wagons have been subjected to a  new to me weathering technique of misting on basic rattle can paint.

Other models, from North Pilton Works, Bole Lasercraft and Resurgam are being subject to a range of wood stains and finishes designed for full-sized structures.

After a cryptic phone call from Accurcaft, the Wren is now en route to Matt Acton for lining out.

Just for old times sake, I've built a 16mm kit, one of Matt Nunn's excellent range

On top of all that I'm getting a crash course form James Hilton on modern R/C technology.

I haven't had this much fun since, oh around 1980!