Sunday, 13 January 2013

In Situ

Part of the concept of the layout I've not mentioned is that it is designed to sit across the edge of the desk in my home office. This will constrain the normal viewing angle and therefore disguise that it is a "bitsa station" design - a term that I think was coined by Iain Rice. That, in any case, is the theory.

Here is a shot of it in place from my office chair:

Where the track currently disappears behind the backscene is where the overbridge will go, modeled in relief but with no depth behind it. The goods shed that provides the visual break on the right hand side will sit just out of the frame of the picture.

I'm beginning to wonder about whether the signal box will fit visually. It isn't that big a structure in itself and I was hoping it would disguise what happens to the non-existent road once it passed over the roadbridge .

Also in the interests of  maintaining some vestigial sense of space  I think the station building is going to have to be represented by just the small shelter from Blodwell, which by this period had  the open front closed off with yet more corrugated iron. In fact I can't make out from any of the photos I have whether it even had an access door by this stage.

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