Saturday, 22 February 2014

Nairn Across Britian

This is very much a case of get it whilst you can, and it might not be available at all to those of you outside the UK. First though a little train spotting from my 28th floor hotel room in Vegas

Can you spot it? If not there is a close up at the end of the post.

Ian Nairn was a great writer  and broadcaster about architecture. The BBC are currently re-showing on line a previous retrospective of his 1972 series 'Nairn Across Britain' .

This episode covers the route of the Settle & Carlisle in the days when there were "two trains a day in each direction, and two of those travel in the middle of the night" It also covers the then recently closed Waverley route.

That explains why little of the journey is actually made by train, but there is lots of 1970's BR atmosphere and detail as well as shots of small town life. There are lots of vehicles on the road that many of us might have forgotten about or expected to see in the '60s but not the early '70s. Morris Minors abound in the year they went out of production.

Oh, yes and here is that closer view of the train in Vegas, and no, I didn't spot it at the time either.

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