Saturday, 12 April 2014


Once again work is getting in the way of things. I'm home briefly to refresh my wardrobe before heading back to mainland Europe.

I spent a couple of days this week at our Frankfurt office.  In a previous life I spent a lot of time in Frankfurt, nearly three years in fact of getting up at 4am on a Monday to fly out and getting home at 10pm on Friday and working twelve to fourteen hour days when I was out there. I never even managed to get to the Feldbahn Museum.

I didn't this time either, but with the more relaxed culture of my current employer I did get time to enjoy the city rather more than usual, and my walk to the office took me past the Hbf, whilst the office provides an ideal spot for aerial tram spotting.

Frankfurt Hbf.
This was at the head of an impressive rake of empty car transporters

One of several railway themed murals under the bridges

The office - well one floor of it is ours.
Tram spotting


  1. That last photo looks like an architectural development model...fascinating! I've done a little working away from home and I hate it, guess I just don't have the proper incentive or can be very hard, but it looks like you have some fantastic sights and sounds to compensate!

  2. Iain, Working away from home is a bit of a mixed bag. This week I was in Amsterdam and the only tulips I got to see were outside the airport. Other than that it was long days in an office and trips to a heavy industry plant. As an aside I discovered that at one time my parent company built steam locos and road India. But it does give me thinking time, which this week was mostly devoted to building the fiddle yard.