Sunday, 5 October 2014

1:1 Scale Model Building

With my office being in London I try and avoid the place on my days off but for once I gave into the badgering because Issy wanted to see the poppies in the moat of the tower of London.

I suppose they are an example of 1:1 scale modelling, and interesting that they are a pastiche of real poppies. Actually thinking about it they are probably what typical good model poppies would look like if they were scaled back up to full size.

I did insist we made a quick detour though to Covent Garden. Leaving aside the well stocked bookshop upstairs in the shop at the LT Museum there is also this added attraction in the piazza:

Rather impressive isn't it?

You can read more about it here but if you haven't worked out how it was done yet I'll just offer the clue that you don't normally see kiosks in Covent Garden that are shut on a Saturday.

In other model news I got home to find a little package waiting for me from Lcut Creative......

But for now I'll leave you with those poppies.


  1. That's amazing, James, thank you for posting the piazza. A fascinating and very clever project, as is the wax house, too. Artists and sculptors these days have to be so much more clever and creative to be seen...this is certainly an eye-opener.

  2. Iain,
    Rather like the Emett exhibition the great thing about it was the reaction it was getting from the audience. Reminiscent of the open mouthed gawping that occurred at model railway exhibitions in my youth - and which I probably last saw at the famous MRJ exhibition.

    I wonder if there is still scope for a layout to have even some of that impact today? It isn't just about the quality of the modelling but about how the subject engages with the audience..