Sunday, 7 August 2016

Weekend Progress

Saturday was spent at Station Road Steam's open day. Unfortunately I've been messing around with a manual fish-eye lens and when reverting to a fully automatic lens on the Fuji X-M1 I somehow set the auto focus point to the bottom left hand corner, and then didn't notice because I was wearing sunglasses that made using the rear screen nearly impossible. I did realise fairly quickly that something was wrong, but not what it was.

So here are the few salvageable shots from the day.

The best bit of the day was a good chat with Andrew Neale that I'm hoping might lead to finding a restorer for our kitchen range. Phil Parker would have undoubtedly enjoyed the quality of the excellent cakes on offer.

A Sunday with good weather, despite a fair amount of wind, gave me a chance to press on with track building for the ELR. I'm still hampered by the delay in getting the enhanced components for the turnouts but I at least managed to get several curved  track panels assembled so that once the points are built progress should be swift.

I also got most of one of the wagon under frames assembled.

It took about 90 minutes to get it to this stage, It would have been quicker with nimbler fingers to get the nuts into their captive slots. All the tools required so far are in the top shot, it really is that simple.

What could be simpler? Well what about this 3D print that dropped through my letter box on Friday?

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  1. Top tip from this weekend: Sometimes you don't need a bigger hammer. Sometimes you need the same hammer but a bigger vice.