Sunday, 14 May 2017

A Tale of Two Exhibitions: Part 2

This was supposed to be a fairly quick follow on from Part 1. Then, as so often, life got busy. In fact I'm supposed to be in India as I write this but there simply wasn't time to renew my visa.

So in a brief respite whilst various people are out of contact here is the follow up on the Spalding Model Engineering Show. To be honest in some ways you could just read my article from last year, because lots of things were just the same. Not that is always a bad thing.

The highlight for me was the 5" gauge standard gauge stock from the  Saracens Junction Head Group


  1. Like the 5 inch stock and the trams are pretty good too.

  2. Yes, I can't find out much about the Saracens Junction Group but much of their stock was definitely as much modelled as engineered, if that makes sense.

    The Salford trams, Like Grime St wherever it is exhibited, proved that these days you don't need a layout to have trams from multiple systems to attract attention. It was interesting to see that it caught the attention of children as well. Incidentally there are interesting plans afoot for a successor to Grime St intended to significantly lift the standard of 4mm tram layouts.

    I must stitch together the video of the jet taxing, it was quite impressive in a relatively small space.