Saturday, 23 December 2017

Travels with my Phone

It is one of the oddities of modern life that decisions about what mobile phone to choose rarely come down to how good they are at making phone calls. I don't tend to upgrade as often as many people, and when I do it is with some trepidation and the reading of an awful lot of reviews with particular attention to the camera. Even so, I've had mixed fortunes over the years. As with compact digital cameras, I've had some phones that punched above their weight and some, such as my last one, that have been pretty indifferent.

This time I've gone for a Huawei Mate 10 pro, for those who care about such things. So far I'm very impressed. So much so that my Sony compact camera hasn't been used once since making the change. In fact I'm still exploring what the phone can and can't do. It certainly has weaknesses but so far I can live with them.

So here is a selection of photos taken with it, first of all from the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, and the second set from its equivalent in Milan



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