Monday, 19 March 2018

The Joys of Spring

Spring,  whether meteorological or astronomical, is upon us. This was abundantly clear during the weekend's trip back from Shropshire to the Fens, as we passed through Rutland.

At least The Beast from the East 2.0 wasn't as bad as the original one when I was one of the few lucky people who eventually managed to fly back from Schipol to the UK. With the new season, I've said arrivederci to Milan, and my weekly commute now takes me to Eindhoven. Travelling on the double-decker trains the view is actually, and perhaps not at all surprisingly, not that unfamiliar compared to home.

So I'm still not getting much time at home, and what free time I have is focussed on the vegetable plot. Even Teddy is yet to turn a wheel this year, although hand traming has been much in evidence with the ELR earning its keep on agricultural services.

Still, with the lighter nights, a week working from home, and prompting from a number of recent articles I'm beginning to consider what modelling I might get down to, given a fair wind. Another factor in this is finally being able to reach the baseboards intended for TAoC. They seem to have stood up to storage in the shed better than expected, and a rearrangement of the home office means I might even be able to find a semi permanent location for the scenic boards at least.

Chris Ford has, of course, beaten me to it when it comes to completing a  version of TAoC. Dare I say I've actually found that quite useful because I now feel a bit freer to interpret it slightly differently now he has proved a more or less authentic version is possible. Given the number of brand new OO gauge locos that have accumulated in my desk draw whilst the boards are in storage I've also decided not to build this version in EM. What I still haven't quite decided is whether it will be based on the Tanat Valley or if I'll use updated versions of the structures originally suggested by Roy Link.

Meanwhile, I'm doing some sporadic work on the Cadeby cameo, with work focussing on tree building.


  1. Hi James.

    It seems like you have got back in the groove. Since you are going to TAoC in 00, what track are you planing to use?

    1. Having designed my first plan in EM gauge using Templot I've managed to come up with a version using the Peco large radius BH turnouts. It has helped making the decision to alter the alignment of the track to be less parallel to the baseboard edge and dispensing of the road behind the station. Instead I'll model it with pedestrian access by steps from the overbridge and vehicle access to the goods yard from the other end of the layout.

  2. Dispensing with the road is a good idea. When Chris finished his TAoC I commented about the amount of space taken up by the access road. Looking at the plan, that section steals maybe 3 inches from the width.

    It might also be possible to dispense with access from the bridge altogether and have a right of way, if not in full certainly suggested. from the direction of the goods yard.

    I have been toying with the idea of an 0 Gauge version of TAoC, as recent modelling efforts in 4mm, such as they are, have proved frustrating if I don't wear an uncomfortable magnifying headset. It isn't that my eyesight is bad, rather the close work has become a bit difficult with time.

    I have the room and Dapol's latest and forthcoming products along with a few kit and RTR wagons would be all the stock I need.

    1. Yes, I think I've always been a bit against that road. Not only does it steal space but it also seems a little bit too much like a modelling convention.

      I reckon it could work well in 0 gauge, and I still think there is some experimentation to be done with small variations. For instance it could be built as a through station, and if you get rid of the road it gives the option of extending the loop. I've also always thought that in larger gauges you can make slightly more compromises because the brain processes the physical size of things rather than the relative size.