Monday, 19 April 2021

Thieves of Time

Phil Parker recently linked his blog to an article about lockdown "brain fog". I suspect it rang bells for a lot of people after the last year. Some seem to have relished the time to complete "Lockdown Projects" but for me, a key question is how have I done so little in so long a time.

Now in my defence, the virus has had virtually no impact on my work, other than a lack of travel. But all the same 2020 seems to have been a none year and I'm worrying 2021 will go the same way. Not least because I'm still trying to catch up with the aftermath of 2019. Thi picture of the ELR that popped up on my Facebook memories really brought it home to. That view is now one of total goat devastation. I decided to do something about the fallen branches from the trees they have killed.

But Jaffa had to get involved

This why I can't use a chainsaw in this part of the garden.

Then I made another attempt at rebuilding the goat shed. Guess which goat, and which piece of wood I needed next.

Being fair to Jaffa, it was Oreo who was the real pain in the butt when I actually started the repair, at one point trying to eat the cordless screwdriver whilst it was on.

So once again a weekend was lost with no progress on Grundy's Yard, except for the realisation that my cunning plan for the second baseboard wasn't going to work

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