Saturday, 28 May 2022

Everything in the Garden...

 ...Is time-consuming hard work. Especially at this time of year.

At some point I need to relay the 7/8ths test track, which fell victim to one of my darling's short-lived whims, and reconfigure and fettle the ELR.

It might be hard to pick out , but the ELR is still there!

Before getting to work on either of the railway projects I want to get the back garden into a more attractive state than it was left in by the goats. It is actually recovering better than anyone expected, but there is a lot still to do, including replacing the trees and shrubs they killed.

I might still find a home for the 7/8ths in the front garden, by my office, if I can find a way of protecting it from the geese.

My two issues with the ELR remain adding a running shed to free up space in my workshop and working out how to extend it. 

But back to the garden and I still have to reinstate the vegetable plot, and plan out a mini-orchard to replace some of our ageing fruit trees....

P.S. I Have been appalled by some of the comments on social media about this product launch, many of which have shown an appalling lack of logic - once a philosophy graduate, always a philosophy graduate.

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