Monday, 6 May 2013

That Scary Signal Box

Actually officially it is a ground frame I believe, despite being considerably bigger than the ubiquitous Ratio GWR signal box, Signalling has never been my strong point but I presume the designation means that it was either not permanently manned and/or that it had to be released by a token of some sort.

Anyway thinking about building it has taken up a lot of time when I should actually have been doing some modelling. I've still got three or four alternative approaches in mind. Probably the obvious way forward is to build a maquette using brick paper or whatever so that I can stick in on the layout and at least get on with the scenery around it. Then I can build a more detailed effort later at my leisure.
A mock up of a mock up, if that makes sense

I have been experimenting, and the key success has been the use of a scrawker to scribe glazing bars in clear plastic and then filling them in with paint. This has been much more successful than my earlier attempt where I just used a knife to scribe the bars. Clearly the scrawker removes enough plastic to allow the paint to fill the groove reliably and consistently.

I'm going to rebuild the road bridge as well, since I wasn't comfortable with the clearances of the first version. In theory that should be an evening's work. Which evening is another matter.

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