Friday, 5 February 2016


So my thoughts around the Cadeby micro layout are progressing. It isn't the first time I've contemplated Cadeby as a prototype, though previously I've thought of it as the basis for a garden line.

As a micro layout it has a number of advantages, not the least of which is that in some ways it was a full size terminus to fiddle yard layout, with trains disappearing into the  scenic break of the woods, and then coming straight back again.It was also both short and compact.

There is a downside. Teddy's guide to the line was Rails Round the Rectory, which brings to mind an image of an old fashioned Georgian rectory and a railway running around a well tended garden, Like Adrian Shooter's Beeches line.

Teddy himself, of course, was the epitome of an English rector in the shires.

Sadly though the original rectory at Cadeby, now known as the Grange, was not the one Teddy lived in, but the more modern one

It isn't the most attractive house. So the dilemma is do I leave out the rectory altogether, or do I replace it with something more attractive.


  1. It's your empire, I would lose the house and replace...unless you are going to make a side study of execrable fifties/sixties architectural styles :-) It's a great idea anyway and a lovely homage.

  2. I like the idea but would vote to keep the ugly house. We tend to ignore ugly architecture but it probably sets the era better than a pretty building.

    Also, miniaturising ugly buildings tends to improve them.

  3. I think I'll see how the composition develops. At the moment I'm not even sure which side will be the front. It might be that there isn't actually room for the house, though Phil makes a good point.