Tuesday 2 April 2024

On Display

It has been a long, hard slog with everything else going on, but now most of my models are out of their boxes and either on display or ready for use.

And the wagons from the ELR have gone to a new home.

The odd thing that struck me towards the end of the unpacking is that I genuinely do have all the stock I really need for the foreseeable future.OK there is some N gauge I wouldn't mind acquiring at some point, and a little more OO9 stock with a more mainline vibe, and some O gauge in the future. But apart from that, yes I have finally hit that point. At least, I will have done if I ever finish building the one 4mm loco kit in my stash, but even then, I have everything needed to build it.

I guess that means the focus moves back to layouts. 

Once I've made a little space in the office, Flemish Quay will get a makeover. It will mostly consist of like-for-like replacement of things damaged in the move.

The Cadeby-based layout survived rather better, but it doesn't have a natural home for display here. But I think a replacement wouldn't be too hard to build and would have a natural home. I still want to build a larger OO9 layout, but that can wait. Everything I need for this is in the house, and 90% of it is already built in terms of stock and buildings.

I'm hoping Gerald Road will do for my N gauge interest for now. That is going to be my focus for scratch building.

In OO I've got two ideas to consider. The East Coast light railway and the ex-GWR branchline. Again, almost everything is already on hand for both.

In the garden, the first 7/8ths track has been laid but needs to be lived with. I think I have a site for the 16mm line, which will primarily be for the grandchildren.

That might sound like a lot, but with everything on hand , which it hasn't been in the past when some materials were stored several hundred yards from the studio, I'm hoping to work in parallel on them.

So what is left?

Well, three or four other projects. 

There is a 4mm tramway idea, still floating around with Kinver in mind.

OOn3 for a fictional line somewhere along the border between Wales and Shropshire

And finally, 7mm, both standard and narrow gauge. All of which will probably begin as micros.

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