Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Other Progress

As I mentioned in the bridge post I managed to get to a model shop today. For a chain I've always found Antics in Coventry really really helpful, even if the stock is a little limited since their change of premises.

If nothing else they maintain a decent stock of Plastruct. It is one of those products which always seems expensive by pack size, but a lot cheaper when you think of the work it saves.

I've been struggling for some time to steel myself to start work on the corrugated iron goods shed. These corrugated buildings were a major feature of the Tanat Valley and as a fan of corrugated iron architecture they are one of the attractions of the TVR as a prototype. The downside from a modelling perspective is they all seem to have sat on relatively flimsy, in 4mm scale, timber legs. Trying to make these both accurately and with adequate strength has been putting me off making progress. I took a copy of the drawing from mike Lloyd's book into Antics in the hope that there might be a Plastruct section that would provide a shortcut, and for one my luck was in. The 1/2" styrene truss isn't a perfect match, but with some 2mm x 2.5mm verticals it will do the job for me. Once again that will mean altering the dimensions slightly from the prototype, but I think the compromise will be preferable to my other idea which was to build it on brick piers instead.

The location on the model means the actual size of the shed will be disguised anyway, and it will be further disguised by having a lorry parked in front of it.

Now I've had long discussions with myself about whether or not to include a lorry in the scene. Quite apart from the question of it being cliched there is also the question of the standard of model that can stand being such a prominent feature in the scene.

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