Monday, 1 August 2016

Wagon Building

Just like building a big OO9 kit really...


  1. James,

    I was wondering about getting two of these chassis kits, One as a general wagon with a single plank box body, and the other as a man rider type for those that wanted a tug around the garden behind 'Crusty (when he is finished).

    I'd be interested on your views on these kits, as the alternative is to have the courage to make my own!



  2. Richard, my plans are pretty much the same as yours. I'm actually planning to make the bodies de-mountable though.
    So far impressions are good, and I'm very pleased with the welded tipper version I already have. In fact if I'd had the right m6 washers in stock I reckon I might have had them running today.

    I was lucky enough to find a crate for sale that will provide the body for the manrider.