Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Barging On

Work has been keeping me rather busy during Lockdown. I didn't even realise Monday was a Bank Holiday until late on Friday. I've also mostly been working weekends and to Indian Standard Time which has further messed up my perception of reality.

Anyway, I did find sometime on Monday to do a little more refining of the Scalescenes barge.

Set against the well known Anyscale version it sits quite nicely. I'll add a little more weathering and then call it a day for this one, and move on to building the next one.

I've dug out some spare OO and OO9 track that might just do for a version of the boxfile layout, but I want to ensure the track doesn't overwhelm the scene.


  1. Nice job.
    just out of curiousity, what do you think of the Anyscale barge?

    1. Thanks Paul. I bought the Anyscale model as a short term solution to help plan something more specific to the fens. I wasn't expecting much, but, with one proviso, it is suprisingly good. Nice panel/plate detail and cleanly cast. The proviso is I presume it is 20mm scale, and the prototype isn't specificed. I certainly can't find a picture of anything like it on our local waterways. I'm not sure how a rudder is meant to be mounted on it, either. That suggests use as part of a big train of barges, as on the modern Thames. The other drawback is that they are popping up everywhere. It slightly spoils the illusion for me when Instantly recognise the source of an item on a layout.

    2. Anyscale make some interesting bits and bobs, especially the boats. I have one of their fishing boats, it does seem a bit on the small side, but it passes muster with the 'experts' on the NGRM forum.

    3. Fishing boats are tricky, with both regional and historic variations that can be very specific - and much more short lived than I think we realise. Steam drifters, for instance had a relatively brief golden age. For me the obvious issue with many models is that they don't capture how carefully designed and refined the hull lines were