Saturday, 16 May 2020

Now is the Wintereley of our...

In the last post I mentioned I was going to dig out my stash of Winterely couplings.

Well I did.

Because the design is quite complicated, and as the instructions point out, none of the parts are instantly recognisable on first acquaintance, I wasn't expecting my first attempt at building one to go to plan.

And it didn't.

But, and it is big but, I've learned a lot and I'm going to have another go, and perhaps try a couple of improvements.

The basic idea seems increasingly workable, my problems were partly down to my own clumsiness working with small parts when you don't know exactly how they are meant to fit.

Part of that is also down to the instructions, They are OK, but a little vague at a couple of key points.

There are a couple of places where I don't think the use of an etched component is the best way forward, or where I would do things in a slightly different order and perhaps use a jig.

Strangest of all to me, unless I'm missing something obvious, is the need to mount them so low down that for most wagons, as the instructions point out, you need to provide 2mm of packing under the floor. This seems to be a legacy of the original 4mm version being designed to quickly replace an old style Bachmann coupling fitting.

So I'm definitely going to give them another go, using the other ends of my poor test bed wagons

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