Monday, 15 August 2022

The Past is Going Fast

 We've lived here for seven years, and there has been one building I keep meaning to take photos of.  

Especially since a lot of new housing going up in our local village seems sure to lead to it being demolished, as our traditional old garage was to provide an entrance to another new estate. 

It, and the other outbuildings, are part of what used to be an everyday thing - the farmyard in the village itself.

We drive through the village a lot, but rarely stop. Although it is quite large there is little there. Two pubs, neither of which are great and the world's worst sub-post office. The saving grace is a brilliant butchers, but I avoid that for the sake of my wallet.

A road-closure, linked to house building, did give me the chance to finally cyle there and choose my viewpoints.

My apologies these photos are over-processed. A combination of my phone's annoying habit to make it's own creative choices and trying to edit them in bright sun.

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