Saturday, 20 September 2014

An Afternoon in Cloud Cuckoo Land

Along with some quite serious discussions going on amongst the modelling blogs I follow I'm also having to get rather serious about work at the moment. In a good way, I should stress, because it is largely the result of some major successes, but serious all the same. So Friday, for instance, saw me heading off early in the morning for a trip by train that took in Manchester, Leeds, Middlesbrough, York and Birmingham,

I was really ready for some relaxation today, but work managed to intrude into the weekend as well. I did, however, find the time finally to visit the Emett exhibition at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. Since the show closes tomorrow I really did leave it pretty late to go, but it was well worth it.

Other than in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the last time I'd seen many of Emett's creations was at the old Birmingham Ideal Home Show at the long gone Bingley Hall. It was great to see how happy they were making people with adults and children all enjoying the unadulterated fun of it all.

For some reason known only to myself not only did I forget to take my proper camera, but I also forgot to clean the lens of the one I did take. This was unfortunate because somehow I'd deposited massive great fingerprint on it. Oh well.


  1. I wish I'd seen this. Emmett's work when translated into 3D like this has a wonderful, spindly sculptural quality. There's a suspicion of Barbara Hepworth in there, a feeling of the times in which these fantastic whimsies were created...but most of all, a huge helping of good humour...what fun!